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Judging Criteria

TfNSW endorses products that are of high quality, innovative and solve customer problems. Endorsed products are required to meet the following Judging Criteria:

  1. Customer Experience - Usability is a factor - is the solution appealing, effortless, intuitive and easy to use?
  2. Market Feasibility - Does your solution demonstrate knowledge of Transport’s customer base and will it be available to most people?
  3. Innovation - Is your product unique and original, and does it demonstrate tangible technical innovations?
  4. Commercial Sustainability - Can your idea sustain its commercial momentum? Is it profitable in the long term?
  5. Technical Feasibility - Can your idea receive insights and statistics, demonstrate an understanding of technical inputs to app development and ensure technical stability?



Carpooling is two or more people agreeing to travel by private car together, to the same destination, a destination along the route or within the vicinity of the driver’s destination. Carpooling is commonly used for journey to work trips, but can be used for any trip purpose. Carpooling is a non-commercial operation with no element of service charge however the direct operating costs (usually including petrol, parking and tolls) can be shared. Carpool services can be open to the public and/or restricted to selected user groups e.g. a single employer. Carpooling is more successful when the driver and passenger have a level of familiarity, for example the same employer, as this provides users with increased comfort and perception of personal security.
No. Car sharing is member based car hire (typically on an hourly basis) with cars located on-street.
No. Ridesharing is a point to point taxi type service where the driver charges the passenger for travel service.
Transport for NSW are inviting app developers and product owners of Carpooling apps to demonstrate and convince us their product is the right fit for Transport for NSW to endorse and recommend to commuters in NSW. We believe in an open opportunity for all app developers – for existing apps as well as apps in development.
The new app should increase the use of carpooling across Sydney and NSW. Please refer to the About the challenge section for more information about the app features we expect.
Applications will open on 26th June 2017. Any interested applicants will have the opportunity to work alongside key subject matter expert to help develop their submission. These sessions are to ask questions and get information before applications are submitted two weeks later. Once submissions are closed, the applications are assessed and shortlisted. Finalists will then pitch their ideas to the judging panel.
You need to be at least 18 or have the written consent of your parent or guardian if you’d like to apply.
Anyone who is up for the challenge! We are looking for innovative thinkers with a disruptive mindset, who are keen to develop a carpooling app. Participants can come from a variety of skill sets / backgrounds. Individuals with coding, design, innovation and/or business skills are highly encouraged to participate.
Applications will open on Monday 26th June 2017 at 10am AEST.
Applications will close on Monday 10th July 2017 at 5pm AEST.
It is anticipated the new apps will go live by Q4 2017. If you have several ideas, please submit them separately.
This depends on the agreement between driver and passenger. Remember carpooling is non-commercial, drivers can charge passengers for the operating cost of the trip but not charge a service fee. A service fee makes the trip a commercial agreement which falls under Point to Point legislation.
Costs that can be recouped include:
- Parking fees
- Toll fee
- Petrol money