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Driver and Vehicle System Data Release

Our latest open data release, available from 1 August 2022, features 14 new datasets that provide road-related statistical information from Transport for NSW’s Driver and Vehicle System (DRIVES): Vehicle Registration Statistics, Driver Licence Statistics, Driver Licence Sanction Statistics, Driver Licence Test Statistics, Mobility Parking Permit Statistics and Photo Card Statistics. 

Data begins from July 2022, and will be updated monthly moving forward. If you’d like to be notified of updates, simply log in to your Open Data Hub account and head to the Subscriptions page to set up email notifications for your chosen datasets. 

Driver Licence Statistics

This dataset contains the total number of licensing transactions and statuses from July 2022  including the number of active licences, licence upgrades and downgrades, interstate licence conversions, licence replacements and more. 

Potential uses for this data include the identification of trends in licensing and interstate migration. 

We have also released the Driver Licence Sanction Statistics dataset which contains the total number of active licence suspensions and cancellations at the end of each month for a given year, and Driver Licence Test Statistics, which provides counts for the number of driver and rider tests per month plus the number of computer-based tests per month. 

Vehicle Registration Statistics

This dataset provides vehicle registration data from July 2022 onwards in the form of the number of Registered Vehicle Transactions per month, the age of registered vehicles at the end of each month, and counts for Registered Vehicles, Vehicle usage, and Heavy Vehicle usage at the end of each month for a given year.

This data provides the NSW community with a more detailed look at both the quantity and usage of registered vehicles within the state. 

Transport for NSW Mobility Parking Permit Statistics

The Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) provides parking concessions to people with mobility disability, whether or not they drive. 

This dataset contains the total number of MPS transactions per month for a given year, as well as the number of active permits.

Transport for NSW Photo Card Statistics

Finally, our Photo Card Statistics dataset provides the total number of photo card transactions and statuses including the number of active photo cards at the end of each month for a given year. 

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) publishes statistical licensing and registration data to disseminate information and provide transparency for the benefit of the public. Privacy is the utmost priority for all Transport for NSW Open Data.

Any data that is or can be linked to an individual or used to identify an individual has been removed from these datasets. In addition, low counts have been summarised as equal or less than 5 (‘<=5’) for privacy purposes. 

Looking for more statistical or driving data? Take a look at our collection of Statistical Information and road-related datasets. 

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