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We've created a set of infographics for our endorsed public transport apps as well as endorsed learner driver log book apps. These infographics contain bite-sized pieces of information about some of the features of each app. Click on each infographic to open it in a new window. 

The Deckee boating app features maritime alerts, weather conditions and forecasts, and crowd-sourced information.     The Next Station travel app is available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. It also provides real-time information.     The AnyTrip travel app lets you save your favourite trips, provides service alerts, and shows real-time occupancy information to help you find a seat.


     The Citymapper travel app provides accessibility information on public transport services and allows you to plan a step-free route. It is also compatible with smart watches.      The Metarove app provides journey planning that avoids services, stations and stops that are not wheelchair accessible. Metarove can also provide step-free routes and is compatible with screen readers for vision impaired users.      The Moovit travel app provides Opal fare information, real-time vehicle positioning, and can plan your journey up to 5 days in advance.


     The Stop Announcer app is designed for those with a visual impairment. It provides audio notifications throughout your journey and is designed with high-contrast visuals. It also allows you to save your favourite journeys for quick access.     The NextThere travel app provides customisable service alerts, regional timetables, and real-time vehicle positioning.     The TripView travel app works offline and allows you to save your favourite journeys. It provides school bus data and supports customised alarms to remind you to get on or off your selected service.


     The TripGo travel app is available in 15 languages, on both mobile and desktop. It includes rideshare, micromobility and cycling options as part of the journey planning experience. TripGo also provides real-time information.      The Transit travel app is available in over 200 cities worldwide, and integrates with rideshare services. It provides real-time information plus service and navigation alerts.