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Congratulations to the developers of L2P, Roundtrip and Licence Ready.


Roundtrip is an app for NSW Learner Drivers that makes it super easy to record supervised driving practice. Tap the record button, enter your odometer and you’re off! You can close the app, put it somewhere safe and then while you’re driving Roundtrip will track your time, start and end location, weather and more, so you focus on learning to drive.

You can use Roundtrip to view and unlock learning goals, see your total practice times and when you’re ready you can submit your practice to Roads and Maritime Services as an official record. No more paper logbook needed!

Key features include:

  • Officially recognised replacement for your NSW paper logbook
  • Automatically record your practice time, location, weather and more while your drive
  • Lock your phone and put it away while you drive and the app will keep recording
  • Track and sign off on your 20 NSW learning goals
  • Track your practice totals (day hours, night hours and total hours)
  • Calculate bonus hours automatically (e.g., 3 for 1 driving instructor lessons) 
  • Submit to Roads and Maritime Services once your logbook requirements are complete
  • Automatically back up your practice data in case you lose or break your phone
  • No account or app is required for supervisors, only learner drivers need the app

Licence Ready

With digital driving instruction, personalised training and NSW log book, this is one of three go-to apps for learner drivers. Download across devices and utilise with multiple supervisors for flexible learning.

Key features include:

  • Accurate capture of learner driving hours, including date, time, mileage, weather conditions, traffic conditions, GPS tracking and instructor feedback
  • Effortless data capture – intuitive navigation, drop-down menus and radio buttons. Very limited use of keyboard required
  • Auto-disable while car is in motion – preventing learner drivers from using the app whilst driving
  • 24 learning goals and approximately 140 lesson plans built into the app
  • In-advance planning of driving route
  • Learner drivers and their supervisors (including driving instructors) can each get a free app and sign-up separately
  • Each can securely connect to the learner’s account to record drives and track progress. The drives will be automatically synchronised across all related accounts


L2P app is a digital logbook designed for the latest generation of learner drivers. Its intuitive user interface features a countdown to motivate learners, real time tracking and recording of driving sessions plus an online educational platform with video clips for demonstrations.

L2P is more than a learner logbook - supervisors and professional instructors can use it to structure lessons, record achievements and verify driving sessions. L2P gets you there one hour closer.

Key features include:

  • Carry over your previously recorded hours from your paper logbook
  • Track all your practice hours with supervisor/instructor
  • Record and sign off on your learning goals
  • Automatically calculate bonus hours (3 for 1 driving instructor hours)
  • Submit your completion report to Roads & Maritime Services NSW
  • Store all your driving data automatically so even when your phone is lost or broken you can restore your account

For further information and to have a look at FAQs please visit the RMS website by clicking here.

About The Challenge
Transport for NSW (TfNSW ) asked innovators to create a digital alternative to the printed log book for learner drivers in NSW. We asked talented creatives, developers and entrepreneurs to submit their concepts that protect or enhance driver safety, deliver a seamless customer-centric experience and work with government systems. Transport for NSW worked in conjunction with Westpac to deliver a solution to this exciting challenge.

After applications closed in July 2017, the top 12 applicants pitched their designs to a panel of judges that included Head of Driver Safety at the NRMA Peta Lemon, NSW Young Australian of the Year Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, start-up industry expert Cindy Nicholson and Advocate for Children and Young People Andrew Johnson.

These three apps were chosen to go through our incubation process following their pitches at our Learner Driver Log Book innovation challenge. After a very successful incubation period they were officially endorsed by Transport for NSW and were added to our open data product showcase. The three endorsed apps are currently the only ones to be accepted by Roads and Maritime Services and Service NSW as evidence of your 120 hours of driving experience.