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TfNSW launched the Mobility as a Service Innovation Challenge in June 2018. As a result, startups and companies incubated as part of the the Challenge have started rolling out a number of innovative trials since December 2018 for customers and transport operators. Trials and products will continue to roll out throughout 2019.

To enable and build the MaaS ecosystem in NSW, TfNSW has developed a Data Specification for the sharing of demand and supply of capacity.

The data specification suggests the publication and sharing of data using a number of formats including GTFS, GTFS-realtime, GBFS and vehicle information (realtime) data feeds via TFNSW Open Data Hub, as well as using historical data for analysis and planning.

We are currently welcoming feedback for the proposed data specification.

To download and review the Transport for NSW MaaS Data Sharing Specification please provide your email address for updates to be redirected to the download page.

We welcome feedback from academics, industry, operators and researchers. In order to keep you up to date about any changes, we require your email address.

Mobility as a Service Data Sharing Forum

On Friday March 15, TfNSW held a MaaS Data Sharing Forum where we invited innovation challenge incubatees, industry members, operators and experts to have a discussion around the proposed specification and help evolve the MaaS ecosystem for NSW.

The agenda and benefits of the forum were the following:


  • Introduction
  • MaaS Innovation Challenge Overview
  • Data Sharing and MaaS
  • Specification walk through
  • Discussion with Panel
  • Networking

Benefits of attending

  • Hear summaries of the key MaaS trial projects that are underway in NSW
  • Understand why data sharing is a key enabler for MaaS
  • Overview of the TfNSW MaaS Data Sharing Specification
  • Discuss with TfNSW and industry about data sharing and provide feedback on the Data Sharing Specification
  • Network with MaaS ecosystem stakeholders including Government, Industry, Technology, Startups, Transport Operators, Research and Academia


If you would like a copy of the meeting notes please click here.

If you would like to watch a full recording of the session go to



To provide feedback about the Transport for NSW MaaS Data Sharing Specification, please use the feedback form:

Feedback Form

A discussion thread has also been created on the Open Data Forum for any discussion about the specification. We’ll also take questions raised to the panel for further discussion at the Mobility as a Service Data Sharing Forum.

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