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Congratulations to Ola, Cars on Demand and Ingogo who were selected to pilot their innovative MaaS solutions in a trial program in December 2019.

Bike and Ride Share Trip Planner Trial

Transport for NSW invited small and large transport service providers to join a trial that will include their services in Transport for NSW’s Trip Planner used by millions of customers each month to plan their trips.

The intent was to give customers new transit options like bike and ride share or point to point when planning trips. is the Transport for NSW digital Trip planner used by over 4.5 million customers each month to plan their trips in real-time and receive public transport options to move around NSW. This same trip planning capability is used in the Opal Travel App and Transport Bots (chatbots).

This trial will expand the mobility options in trip plan results with bike and ride share or point to point operator options.

The Selection Process

Applications for the trial opened on 30 May 2019. An information event was held on 19 June for applicants to ask questions of TfNSW subject matter experts to help with preparing their submissions. The information session was recorded and made available on request. Applications closed on 10 July 2019.

Applications needed to include all information requested in the application form including a response to the selection criteria and the TfNSW Flexible Transport Services Specification. Applications were assessed by a judging panel against the criteria set out below and the total investment required. Successful applicants were invited to participate in the trial.

To participate in this trial, applicants needed to be ready with their data and API at the time of the applications closing 10 July 2019 and be able to finalise any changes that may be required to that data and API by 13 August 2019. Transport for NSW only selected solutions of high quality, compliant with all applicable laws and that solve customer’s problems in an innovative way.

Applicants were required to demonstrate that their product/s meets the following specific criteria:

  1. Explain why you want to participate and why TfNSW should use your product/service over others available in the marketplace?
  2. Can you provide all mandatory data for your transport model(s) as outlined in the data and API requirements? 
  3. Do you have an API for estimates/pricing that meets the requirements outlined in the Data and API requirements?
  4. Is your API ready for use?
  5. Is your API regularly maintained and supported?
  6. Do you have Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for performance and load. How do you support these SLA’s?
  7. Can you assure longevity of the API and demonstrate commitment to it being maintained and serviced in future?
  8. Can you supply detailed documentation for your data and of the API? 
  9. What geographic area is covered by your product/service? Does it offer regional coverage in NSW?
  10. Do you have a test/sandbox API environment?

Information for Applicants

Why should I participate?
By providing your data and API, the trip planner will display your product offering as part of trip planning results. Currently, over 500,000 trip plans are provided each day, and over 15 million trip plans a month.  This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Transport for NSW to help provide access (via Trip Planner) to a mix of public, private and commercial transport modes in order to deliver the most efficient, cost effective and quickest trip options for commuters across NSW. Shared transport modes such as point to point (ride sharing) and bike sharing will complement traditional public transport options and provide greater mobility for our customers.

What are the data and API requirements?
The DRAFT Data and API requirements are here: TfNSW Flexible Transport Services Specification v0.3.pdf
TfNSW invited Applicants to give feedback on the DRAFT Data and API requirements by 14 June 2019. The final DATA and API requirements were distributed on 19 June at the Information Event. Applicants needed to provide all mandatory data fields as outlined in the Data and API requirements. It was beneficial for the success of their application if they can also provide data flagged as optional.


Watch the full recording of the information session
Download the information session presentation pack
Download a transcript of the Q&A from the information session
Download the TfNSW Flexible Transport Services Specification
Terms and Conditions

Who can apply?

All operators and API aggregators of bike sharing, ride sharing and point to point services are invited to apply. A limited number of operators and/or aggregators will be selected to participate in the trial. At any stage of the trial TfNSW may invite other operators or aggregators to participate.

What is TfNSW’s Innovation program?

Transport for NSW’s Innovation Program is part of the Future Transport 2056 Strategy, which is exploring how to move the people of NSW in an environmentally sustainable, cost effective, and flexible way, from driverless vehicles, transport on demand, active transport (cycling and walking), and car sharing, to contactless payment and account based ticketing systems.

Summary of Past Key Dates
Applications Open - 30 May 2019
Information Session - 19 June 2019
Applications Close and Data/APIs Provided to TfNSW for Review - 10 July 2019
Applicants Advised of Outcome of application - 16 July 2019
Consultation period with Transport for NSW - 17 July to 13 August 2019
Final data and API to be supplied - 14 August 2019