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Car park API

Historical GTFS and GTFS Realtime

Historical Traffic API

Live Traffic Cameras

Live Traffic Hazards

Live Traffic Site Status

Loading Zones Kerbside

Public Transport - Location Facilities and Operators

Maritime Aid to Navigation

Maritime Alerts Reporting Platform API

Maritime Boat Ramp

Maritime Coastal Bar

Maritime No Towing Zone

Maritime No Wash Zone

Maritime Public Mooring

Maritime Public Wharf

Maritime Restricted Zone

Maritime Shallow Water Area

Maritime Speed Zone

Maritime Web Camera

NSW Boating Ramps

NSW Rest Areas

Off-Street Parking

Public Transport - Realtime - Alerts - v2

Public Transport - Realtime Trip Update v2

Public Transport - Realtime Trip Update

Public Transport - Realtime Vehicle Positions

Public Transport - Realtime Vehicle Positions v2

Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime

Spot Parking

Taxi Rank

NSW Roads Traffic Volume Counts API

Transport Routes

Timetables Complete TransXChange

Trip Planner APIs

TransXchange TXC API

TransXChange is an implementation of the Transmodel open standard for public transport information.

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