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Open access to transport data is a game changer. Transport for NSW is unlocking its data to give developers, entrepreneurs and data analysts exciting opportunities to create innovative solutions for our customers. The NSW Government is already a leader in the open data space with millions of downloads of our real-time transport apps. Using our data channels, developers can create the next generation of real-time transport apps.

The Transport for NSW Open Data Team and Hub was established in early 2016 and replaced the Transport Data Exchange (TDX) Program which was setup in October 2015. The team is here to facilitate the release of open data through data enablement and innovation initiatives. We also take data requests, just contact us! We are very proud to now service an open data community of more than 40,000 users.

What is Open Data?
Data (or information) is open to the extent that its characteristics, management, and release meet the principles of openness outlined in this policy. Open data should be both technically and legally open: technically open in that is available and accessible to the community, and legally open in so far as there are appropriate licensing frameworks in place to facilitate its release, use and reuse by the community.

Benefits of Open Data
The NSW Government's open data policy is designed to drive benefits to the community because Open Data:

  • Promotes open, transparent and accountable government;
  • Contributes to the digital economy in NSW, and promotes the development of new business and industries that can make use of government data;
  • Leads to better public services;
  • Advances community engagement with the government and with the work of government;
  • Enables data sharing between government agencies in NSW and across jurisdictions;
  • Facilitates greater understanding of agencies own data and the potential of that data; and
  • Supports evidence-based policy making and policy research.

For more information on open data, read our Open Data 101 blog post

The potential of open data is endless. Now is your opportunity to be involved in shaping the future of transport in NSW by entering one of our innovation challenges.