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About the Challenge

Following our successful involvement in GovHack 2017, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) ran the CongestionHack hackathon in March 2018 to tackle the problem of congestion on our roads.

CongestionHack brought together industry, innovators, entrepreneurs, students and TfNSW staff to pitch ideas and build proof of concepts for dramatically improving congestion in and around Sydney. As Sydney's population grows it continues to put greater demands on our transport networks and infrastructure, leading to congestion. If not managed correctly, congestion can have severe economic, social and environmental impacts.

Road congestion can be a major source of frustration for road users. Although difficult to eliminate entirely, it can be managed more effectively. Congestion directly impacts travellers and commuters by creating unreasonably long journey times that affects productivity, reliability and well-being. It also has wider economic, social and environmental impacts from greater cost, reduced time and increased pollution respectively.

The annual cost of Sydney’s congestion is estimated to be $6.1 billion, making Sydney the most congested city in Australasia. This figure takes into account productivity lost by those unable to access employment due to increased travel times. It also factors in the cost to business and their customers along with the environment impact of congestion.

    Recommended for Action
    • Prototype total cost of car travel calculator
    • Chatbot customer onboarding (no forms)
    • Developed prototype
    • Total cost of car travel calculator
    • Full MaaS option comparison
    • Prototype developed
    • Personal dashboard based on Opal trip data
    • Visualisations and dashboard to inform behaviour

    Other Finalists: 

    • Adaptive Mobility Behavioural Insights (Ambi) (team Sky): Use VMS and other proactive messages to change behaviour
    • Event Congestion Management (Team UNSW Students): Incentivise activities at Transport 'hubs' that use event buses with direct access to events
    • Traveller Eye (Team Transtrack): Customers report incidents to cover traffic camera blind spots
    • goFlex (Team Potato Bird): Personalised messages to businesses to encourage flexible working


    Further Information

    What is CongestionHack?
    CongestionHack is a Hackathon that was held from Friday 23rd March to Sunday 25th March 2018 at The Hatchery at UTS. At CongestionHack individuals from the public and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) had the opportunity to form teams and work on an idea to manage road congestion. Entrants had the weekend to develop a proof of concept (POC) to address the congestion challenges facing Sydney and present their idea as a pitch at the conclusion of the Hackathon.

    CongestionHack Format

    • Participants assisted by TfNSW mentors who provided insight into the challenges and resources available
    • At 2pm on Sunday participants publicly presented their concepts
    • The solutions judged and winners announced on the day
    • A winning team and a runner up team selected for non TfNSW (open) teams and internal teams (containing at least one member from the wider TfNSW cluster)
    • The total prize pool was up to $15,000

    Challenge Dates

    • Friday 23rd March
      • 6:00 PM – CongestionHack begins
      • 9:00 PM – venue closes but teams are able to continue working offsite
    • Saturday 24th March
      • 9:00 AM – day 2 begins, teams continue working on their ideas.
      • 12:00 PM – team bio and project information must be completed.
      • 9:00 PM – venue closes but teams are able to continue working offsite.
    • Sunday 25th March
      • 2:00 - 5:30 PM – teams present their projects in 3 minute pitches to a panel of judges
      • 6:00 PM – judging is completed and winners are announced.
      • 6:30 PM – event closes 

    Prizes & Categories
    There were two Categories, Open for members of the public and Internal for those teams with a least one member from the wider Transport for NSW cluster. Each category was awarded a first prize of $5000 and a runner up prize of $2000.

    Beyond CongestionHack
    The ideation and development at CongestionHack will be evaluated by TfNSW to determine potential solutions and improvements. Teams who have demonstrated potentially viable solutions may be contacted for further development.

    Hosted by our venue partner The Hatchery at UTS.