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About the Challenge

Transport for NSW launched the Personal Trip Plan API Challenge in December 2016 to discover how the newly introduced Trip Planner APIs could be used to provide real-time information to customers. We asked the developer community to submit concepts and if chosen as a finalist, be able to produce a market-ready product that incorporates the APIs by early 2017.

These three high quality submissions were selected as finalists by Transport for NSW and invited to an incubation program.

AnyTrip is a mobile responsive web application that you can use to share real-time arrival times and service alerts using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS or Twitter.

AnyTrip is available for download on Android and iOS

AnyTrip lets you track public transport vehicles around you in real-time using a live map. It will also show you upcoming departures from your favourite stops and stations.

Key features include:

  • Share service arrival times using SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter
  • Check which service you are travelling on
  • Check real-time departure information for stations, bus stops and ferry wharves
  • Get an at glance view of public transport across NSW



Splice Trip NSW is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that allows you to quickly and easily access train times in NSW. You can look up quick and full trips, and share them with other people. To download, search Splice Trip NSW in your Facebook messenger application on your mobile.

Key features include:

  • View and create trips without having to leave Facebook Messenger
  • Enter your desired departure location to generate your quick trip details
  • Enter your desired departure and arrival locations to generate a full trip, displaying times and changeovers
  • Share your trips with friends

Navibaby was a mobile app that provides customers with routes that are pram and stroller friendly when travelling with babies. 

Key features included:

  • Suitable routes for parents and people travelling with a pram or stroller
  • Suggestions for new parents learning to travel with a pram or stroller
  • Friendly and easy to use interface