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Products from the Travel Choices Innovation Challenge

We’re pleased to introduce two products endorsed by Transport for NSW which were incubated and delivered through the Travel Choices Innovation Challenge. The innovation challenge was run in collaboration with the Sydney Coordination Office.

These products are Citymapper and Both are currently available and can be accessed via and respectively.

The Travel Choices Innovation Challenge encouraged the development of innovative products to influence customer travel behaviours and help limit the disruption to their daily commute during construction of major new transport projects across Sydney. Challenge entrants were required to focus on four key principles to manage travel demand: Remode, Retime, Reroute and Reduce. Each of these principles encourages customers to travel in different ways, at different times or to harness flexible working policies in order to save time and money or improve their health and benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Check out the endorsed products below: web application



  • A website and web app that helps commuters make decisions on their future home based on their desired commute to work.
  • Users are able to find properties to rent or buy based around travel time, walking distance, modes of transport, days per week.
  • Users can customise their search results to improve the financial, social, environmental and health benefits.

Tomorrow’s Sydney article on the MySydneyCBD website.


Citymapper: mobile application



  • Citymapper is a multimodal journey planning app with live/real-time updates
  • An existing product which is very popular in the United Kingdom and internationally
  • Launched in Sydney in August 2016
  • As part of the CBD Travel Choices Innovation Challenge, further updates to the existing product were incorporated to encourage commuters to use public transport and make their commute more sustainable. 

LinkedIn post by TfNSW LinkedIn Page.

To find out more about the Travel Choices Innovation Challenge and other innovation challenges, please head over to the Open Data Hub

For further information have a look at the Travel Choices innovation challenge and our product showcase.


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