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Public Transport Information Now in Uber App

Uber has integrated public transport options into their app and Sydney is the first city in the Asia Pacific region to get the new functionality! From July 29, Uber app users have been shown public transport options that align with their trip including real-time bus, train, ferry and light rail departure and arrival times. Sydney is the fourth city in the world to get the mass transit option after Denver, Boston and London in what is an exciting collaboration between the ride sharing company and Transport for NSW. The new feature is being rolled out gradually to users in Sydney with over 50% percent already granted access.

The new update to the Uber app is a great example of the amazing things you can achieve with transport open data and shows the importance of Mobility as a  Service (MaaS) solutions that truly encompass the broader transport and mobility ecosystem. Uber and Transport for NSW hope that the new feature will help people make better decisions on how to get around the city and reduce congestion on our roads.

Uber was one of the finalists chosen to conduct a trial as part of our MaaS Innovation Challenge in November 2018. Their trial, called FerryConnect, involved offering discounts for Uber app users in the Manly area that used a combination of Uber and Captain Cook ferries to commute. The MaaS Innovation Challenge aims to explore door-to-door mobility service options with seamless combinations for a customer’s trip plan. Uber have embraced the MaaS concept and continue to work with Transport for NSW to improve information and transport options to users.

“Uber is looking beyond ridesharing to becoming a true transport platform. We want to help people replace their private car with their phone. To do this people need an alternative that is faster, easier and cheaper than owning your own car” says Kate Stannett, Head of Cities for Uber Australia & New Zealand.

“It’s a credit to the NSW Government, which was at the forefront of ridesharing legislation globally, that we’re able to bring this innovative technology to Sydney,” she added.

This is the first stage of Uber’s integration with public transport. Uber is also working with Transport for NSW to provide ticketing and payment functionality within the Uber app.

To learn more about the MaaS Innovation Challenge please visit the MaaS Innovation Challenge page.

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