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Following the success of our Travel Choices innovation challenge, two apps were chosen to be officially endorsed by Transport for NSW

Congratulations to the developers of and Citymapper!

These two apps were chosen to go through our incubation process following their pitches at our Travel Choices innovation challenge. After a very successful incubation period they were officially endorsed by Transport for NSW and were added to our open data product showcase. The two endorsed apps help influence customers’ travel choices and keep Sydney moving! is a website designed to help you decide where to buy or rent in Sydney, New South Wales, and Australia. You can search for homes or suburbs based on a wide range of customisable search preferences you set, including number of bedrooms and bathrooms, safer suburbs, or cheaper homes. uses Transport for NSW public transport datasets in its searches to calculate travel times from every home to your workplace or any other point of interest.



Citymapper is a multimodal trip planning app, making cities easier to use! The app allows for checking of nearby departures in real-time and has the ability to find the fastest route combining bus, subway, train, ferry, taxi, car share, bike share and walking. Commuters can decide which transport option based on time, the amount of calories burned and also receive alerts for route disruption and more!


For further information have a look at the Travel Choices innovation challenge and our product showcase.