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What Does Endorsement From Transport for NSW Mean for you and Your Team?

Transport for NSW endorses products that are of high quality, innovative and solve customer problems using transport open data and innovative ways of using technology. What do you actually gain from being endorsed by Transport for NSW though?

How do I get Transport for NSW to endorse my product?

The only way currently to get your product endorsed by us is by one of our innovation challenges. We run many different innovation challenges throughout the year and most of these offer endorsement as a prize for concepts that are selected for incubation and launched to market. Each innovation challenge focuses on different topics and problems that could be solved with technology and open data. If you have an idea or existing product that you think fits in well with one of our innovation challenges, we strongly encourage you to enter the challenge. To keep up to date with all current and upcoming innovation challenges make sure to follow us on Twitter @DataTfNSW, join our Open Data Forum or visit the Open Data Hub.

What does endorsement mean? What do I and my team gain from it?

Being endorsed by Transport for NSW means that we officially endorse your product and recommend it to be used to the NSW community. Endorsement also signifies that your product has satisfied not only the innovation challenge criteria but also our strict endorsement criteria.

Once your product is endorsed by Transport for NSW you will have access to various support channels and exclusive resources. Firstly, we’ll add your product to our product and/or app pages that applies to you, including the product showcase on the Open Data Hub home page and the apps page on the website. We’ll also help you promote your product through our usual channels (Open Data Forum, Twitter and Open Data Hub). Endorsed apps from our innovation challenges also benefit from our marketing capability such as launching Boatable and Deckee at the Sydney International Boat Show and videos created for the accessibility apps.

In terms of support and communication, developers of endorsed products are added to our private Slack community to keep in touch. Slack is what we use to keep in touch with our endorsed product owners to provide support and discuss new features or data that is coming up. Endorsed products may also get early access to new datasets or test new APIs with us. We also run an app developer forum a few times a year where we get endorsed app developers to come in and have discuss all things open data.

Examples From Previous Innovation Challenges

Various innovation challenges are run throughout the year to find products that solve particular transport problems. Concepts are selected for our incubation program as winners of our innovation challenges. Once that they meet all the required criteria, the products are launched to market and receive endorsement from Transport for NSW. Below are some examples of what the developers received as part of endorsement.

Feature in the product showcase on the Open Data Hub:

Feature in the transport apps catalogue on the website:

Promotional app videos:

Promotional Tweets on @DataTfNSW:

Endorsement from Transport for NSW is a great way to work together and build a stronger connection with us. It’s also a great opportunity for you to be recognised as one of the products we recommend and be receive access to exclusive resources and subject matter experts. The best way to gain endorsement is to enter one of our innovation challenges. To keep up to date visit the innovation challenges page on the Open Data Hub and follow us on Twitter @DataTfNSW.

- The TfNSW Open Data and Innovation Team