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Three CEOs of Parking Innovation: an interview with Piers Higgs, Gaia Resources

Three companies progressed through the Parking Innovation Challenge, run by Transport for NSW in 2020. In this three-part blog series, we sat down with the people at the helm of these organisations to discuss the parking ecosystem, the innovation challenge process, and the exciting progress being made by each company. 

Three CEOs of Parking Innovation: an interview with Mosstyn Howell, UbiPark

Welcome to part 2 of our three-part blog series featuring the CEO’s of our Parking Innovation Challenge incubatees. In part one, we spoke to Elizabeth Zealand from Spot Parking about the company’s journey throughout the challenge and, on a larger scale, throughout the industry as a whole. 

Three CEOs of Parking Innovation: an interview with Elizabeth Zealand, Spot Parking

Part 1 of our 3-part blog series. With Elizabeth Zealand, CEO and co-founder of Spot Parking, we discuss the main issues faced by customers in terms of parking, innovation in the sector, and the process of development involved in making Spot Parking what it is today. 

Open Data Community Showcase

There are many different use cases for our open data, including some very cool applications created by our community, so we’ve decided to share them in a regular blog post! Our first edition features everything from a Smart TV app to a NSW Transport COVID-19 Impact Dashboard and research on the impact of fuel prices on traffic flows and use of public transport. Cool, right?

Wave hello to new trials from the Waverley Transport Innovation Challenge!

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) holds several innovation challenges, which are open to the public throughout the year, in order to find innovative solutions for real world customer problems. Our innovation challenges vary from helping boaters navigate safely on our waterways, to digitising the paper based log book for learner drivers, or helping keep our clearways stay clear. Ideas and solutions come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, bringing new perspectives to the table.

Which governments do Open Data well?

In the last decade, we have seen open data policies geared at making open data transparent, accessible and available to the public. Today, we are seeing improved access to open data across the globe, giving organisations opportunities to innovate and solve problems. We can track our public transport in real time, find out which car park has available spots, and know more about our greenhouse gas emissions.

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