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Last Mile Freight Innovation at the CBD Courier Hub – Goulburn Street Car Park

By Michael Stokoe, Associate Director - Freight and Servicing, Transport for NSW


Since January 2016 there has been a Courier Hub operating out of Goulburn Street Car Park.  This is a joint project between Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and City of Sydney.

5 Ways To Request More Data

The Open Data and Innovation Team is always seeking to release more data and one of our main objectives is to follow the policy for open data and publish data where possible. However, if you’re still on the hunt for something that you need or researching then you can make a request and we’ll do our best to track down and prioritise the release of the data. You may request data via one of the methods below.


Open Data and Innovation in 2018 - Year in Review

2018 was massive for the Open Data and Innovation Team. We had an incredibly busy year organising innovation challenges and other open data initiatives while keeping our real-time data running and releasing many new datasets and resources. In 2018 we ran five innovation challenges, one hackathon (our very first) and published more than forty-five new datasets. We also endorsed four new apps that were successfully incubated and launched as part of our innovation challenges.


How to Build a Departure Board Using Open Data

The Trip Planner API has multiple endpoints that offer different capabilities and simplifies a lot of the functions that are popular in public transport apps. This makes developing your application much easier and faster. One of the most popular function requests and questions that we receive is about the departure board. Now, thanks to the Trip Planner API, building your own departure board is relatively easy, providing you are familiar with some PHP and basic HTML and CSS styling.

The Open Data Team at The Sydney Boat Show

The Open Data Team was at the Sydney Boat Show in July to help launch the apps Boatable and Deckee following their incubation and endorsement from the Boating Companion Innovation Challenge. The Sydney Boat Show was the perfect occasion to officially launch the apps to market and to signify the completion of another successful innovation challenge. Some members of the Open Data and Innovation Team were there to help out at the Boatable and Deckee booths and to showcase the possibilities and opportunities that come from using open data.

How to Use Open Data to Develop an Application

Our portal is where we provide all the data and APIs you need to create the next awesome public transport application! As a blanket rule, we do not offer programming guidance and assistance as our focus is on finding as much data as possible and publishing it on the Open Data Hub, thus, we leave the coding up to you. However, we do get asked a lot on how to use our data to develop applications.

Maintaining Privacy and Security in Open Data

Making data as open and transparent as possible is one of Transport for NSW's main goals and part of the overall data policy set out by the government as part of the Future Transport strategy. However, making data open doesn't come without risk. The Transport for NSW Open Data Team must ensure that all the data that is published doesn't put people's lives at risk, doesn't compromise any of the city's security and doesn't violate any privacy laws.