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On Demand Pilots - Patronage

Monthly patronage data for the NSW On Demand bus and electric bike pilots.

  • The numbers represent total successful trips (ie. where the passenger boarded and alighted the vehicle – excluding customer cancellations, no-shows, and rejected bookings)

  • Bykko Newcastle runs electric bicycles only

  • Each pilot is unique and due to varied service offerings, operating days and times, and vehicle numbers and capacity, patronage numbers between pilots are expected to differ and therefore should not be used as the sole indicator when comparing performance between pilots

  • Data collection and validation processes on the part of both pilot operators and TfNSW are improving continuously, so data may be amended from time to time to ensure that patronage is reported as accurately as possible

  • Due to robust data validation processes between TfNSW and pilot operators, final patronage figures may not be available until a few weeks after the end of a reporting month

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