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Household Travel Survey 2012/13

The Household Travel Survey (HTS) is the largest and most comprehensive source of personal travel data for the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA). This dataset is for HTS 2012/13.

This survey is a benchmark for best practice in travel surveys in Australia and around the world, as well as being the longest running continuous household travel survey in the country. The HTS was first conducted in 1997/98 and has been running continuously since then.

About 5,000 randomly selected households are approached each year to participate in the survey, of which 3,000 to 3,500 respond. Three or more years of data are pooled to produce reliable estimates of travel at a particular geographical level.

Data are collected through face-to-face interviews, every day of the year. This collection method ensures high quality data, maximises response rates and ensures a good temporal spread. Field staff interview each householder on the details of trips made in a 24-hour period. Detailed socio-demographic information is also collected.

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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA) - Sydney Greater Capital City Statistical Area, and the Illawarra and Lower Hunter regions
Transport Performance and Analytics (TPA), formerly known as Bureau of Transport Statistics
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