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Intercity Trains Short Platforms

Some Intercity trains may be longer than the platform at their destination. This dataset has detailed information on the Cars (carriages) that customers can alight from at stations on the following Intercity lines:
* Blue Mountains
* Central Coast & Newcastle
* Hunter
* South Coast
* Southern Highlands

To safely exit the train you must travel in the correct car when travelling. It’s important that you check and travel in the correct car so you can exit the train at your destination. Keep in mind, Car One is always at the front of the train.

This dataset captures all the Intercity Train Platforms, the maximum Cars per train, if the train aligns with the front or rear of the platform, and how many cars are off the platform for that respective station.

This data is also available in GTFS-Vehicles format in the Sydney Trains GTFS bundle
Please refer to the Sydney Trains Realtime GTFS & GTFS- R Technical Document in order to determine the set type and number of cars for each timetabled trip.

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