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Journey to Work (JTW) 1996

This dataset contains a snapshot of commuting patterns for Census day 1996 (Tuesday 6th August). It is a complete enumeration via a self-completion Census form.

The scope of JTW is employed persons aged 15 years and over, who were employed during the week before Census night, and counted in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA)

JTW data may produce slightly different counts to those obtained directly from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the same geographic level due to:

  • ABS confidentialising process is applied to the data that TPA purchases (randomisation of small cells)

  • Further validation and adjustment of the data undertaken by TPA

  • Imputation of records of incomplete addresses to eliminate locality ‘dump’ codes

ABS data is used with permission from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

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Transport Performance and Analytics (TPA), formerly known as Bureau of Transport Statistics
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