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via the DKAN API

NSW Crash Data

This dataset provides data professionals and road safety analysts direct access to road crash data.

Ready access to this data helps you take on more detailed research and evaluation that can contribute to better understanding of crashes and risks and improve road safety in the context of Safe Systems.

Safe systems recognises that issues relating to infrastructure, vehicles, speed, and drivers cannot be viewed in isolation, but rather their interactions need to be considered.

This data will provide a view of crash locations and environmental conditions as well as the involved vehicle types and the drivers and people who are injured or lose their lives.

Publication of data will comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, which ensures sensitive information is not included in this proposed sets of data to be released.

Five years of crash data will be initially published with updates to be made annually.

Transport for NSW also has a significant amount of crash information available on the Centre for Road Safety website, which is presented in an easy to view way to investigate trends and factors contributing to crashes in NSW: Interactive Crash Statistics

Data and Resources

  • Data Manual - October 2021pdf

    Definitions and notes to support road crash data. This manual provides detailed information about each data field published in the Crash and Traffic Unit tables.

    The data are confined to crashes that conform to the national guidelines for reporting and classifying road vehicle crashes. The main criteria are:
    - The crash was reported to police
    - The crash occurred on a road open to the public
    - The crash involved at least one moving road vehicle
    - The crash involved at least one person being killed or injured or at least one motor vehicle being towed away.


  • NSW Road Crash Data - 2016-2020 - CRASHxls

    This table contains the general information of the crash such as location, time and date of crash as well as environment attributes such as weather, natural lighting etc. One record of crash information is coded for each crash.


  • NSW Road Crash Data - 2016-2020 - TRAFFIC UNITxls

    One set of traffic unit information is available for each traffic unit, which was directly involved in the crash. This table is joined to the CRASH table using Crash ID. Note: a pedestrian is a traffic unit.


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