Historical car park data for selected Park&Ride and Metro station car parks is now available. Get it here.

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via the DKAN API

NSW Roads Traffic Volume Counts API

RMS has permanent and temporary roadside collection devices which continuously collect traffic information data. Through the Traffic Volume Counts API, traffic count data from 2006 is available.

There are four datasets (tables) that can be queried:

Traffic Collection Station Reference- This table provides a general description of the traffic collection station e.g. Geospatial coordinates, road name, suburb, postcode, device type, road number, road type including the data quality rating.

Annual Average Traffic Count Summary - This table provides the general description of traffic station, traffic direction, date of recording and the quality of data.

Permanent Hourly Traffic Counts- This table provides hourly traffic count for each permanent station post 2006 at a daily level.

Sample Hourly Traffic Counts - This table provides hourly traffic count for each sample station post 2006 at a daily level.

The Traffic Volume Viewer map provides average road traffic volumes for a selection of permanent and sample roadside collection device stations at key locations across NSW. Please visit https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/about/corporate-publications/statistics/traff...

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