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NSW State Roads Vertical Clearances

This dataset shows the minimum vertical clearance (in metres) of bridges over State Roads in NSW.

This information is primarily for bridges on or over State Roads managed by Transport for NSW. With some exceptions, there is no information on structures on Regional or Local roads.

Except for gazetted 4.6m clearance routes, a permit from Transport for NSW is required for any vehicle higher than 4.3m in height, to drive on State Roads.

The NSW State Roads Vertical Clearances dataset available on or from this website is intended as a general reference source and provided for information purposes only. Information, data and advice on this website is provided on the basis that site users are responsible for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. We make no representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy, currency or usefulness of the content of, or data available, on this site. Transport for NSW and the NSW Government accept no liability to any person for the information, data or advice (or the use of such information, data or advice) which is provided on this website or incorporated into it by reference.

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