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On-Demand Timetables - GTFS

The purpose of the On-Demand Timetables GTFS feed is to publish in advance the schedules and route information of On-Demand Bus services operated under the Sydney Metropolitan and Outer Sydney Metropolitan Bus Services Contracts (‘O/SMBSC’). The on-demand GTFS feed now also includes on-demand ferry services.

The on-demand services are currently being run as ‘pilots’ throughout NSW. The on-demand GTFS does not replace or supersede the NSW Buses GTFS, the On-Demand GTFS rather provides timetable information specific to these on-demand services which are not included in the NSW GTFS Buses feed.

The On Demand Timetables GTFS data feed is in the form of a General Transit Feed Specification fileset, known as ‘GTFS’, and incorporates elements of the GTFS-flex draft specification.

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