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Opal Tap On and Tap Off Release 3 (2020)

This dataset provides counts of tap ons and tap offs made on the Opal ticketing system during four non-consecutive weeks in 2020. The Opal tap on and tap off dataset contains 16 CSV files covering four weeks (28 days) of Opal data across the four public transport modes.

Privacy is the utmost priority for all Transport for NSW Open Data and there is no information that can identify any individual in the Open Opal Tap On and Tap Off data. This means that any data that is, or can be, linked to an individual’s Opal card has been removed.

This dataset is subject to specific terms and conditions.

The CSV files (one for each week) are:
1. Tap on and off time
2. Tap on and off location
3. Tap on and off time and location
4. Origin and destination by travel zone

Reported taps are a combination of Opal card and Contactless Transport Payment (CTP) transactions.

The tap on and tap off counts are not linked and individual trips cannot be derived using the data.

The 28 days are:
* Monday 24 Feb 2020 – Sunday 01 March 2020
* Monday 23 March 2020 – Sunday 29 March 2020
* Monday 24 August 2020 – Sunday 30 August 2020
* Monday 16 November 2020 – Sunday 22 November 2020

Release 1 and Release 2 of the data is linked in the Related Content below.

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