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Outer Urban Public Transport Maps for Greater Sydney

This data is part of the strategic transport modelling undertaken for Outer Urban Public Transport Maps, which was released in October 2018.

The Outer Urban Public Transport Maps showcases through interactive maps, the comparative public transport network performance for Greater Sydney.

The following resources are available, links have been provided that direct you to the current source of data.

Walking access to medium- to high-frequency public transport
This layer presents the proportion of people within walking distance to high-medium frequency public transport stops/stations in 2017. Walking distance is defined as 800 metres for heavy rail, and 400 metres for all other modes. High-frequency public transport is defined as having at least four services per hour during AM peak. This analysis was performed using 2017 timetables.

Public transport travel times to Sydney CBD
This layer presents travel times, by public transport during AM peak, to a series of destinations. This analysis was performed using 2017 public transport timetables. The layers represents the geographical extent of the inner, middle, and outer sectors used to perform the analysis in the report.

Public transport service frequency
This layer presents public transport stop frequency during weekday AM peak (8-9am) and weekday off peak (11am-12am). This analysis was performed using 2017 public transport timetables.

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