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via the DKAN API

Reference Tables for TfNSW GTFS feeds

Reference tables for TfNSW data. A complete list of agencies and how they are defined in each GTFS feed.

Using Complete GTFS + Real-Time GTFS feeds
The reference tables illustrates agencies that appear in multiple GTFS feeds. If you are using the Complete GTFS bundle in conjuction with the real-time GTFS feeds for each mode then you will need to filter out the Complete GTFS agencies and use the corresponding real-time agencies.

Train Run Numbers
The list of trips in the reference tables represent services that appear in both the Sydney Trains real-time feed and NSW Trains rural and regional real-time feed. If you are using both feeds, TfNSW recommends filtering out these services from the Sydney Trains feed and preferentially using the NSW Trains feed.

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