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via the DKAN API

Speed Zones

Speed zones are set to enable drivers travelling at a speed limit to safely respond to potential risks in the road environment. This dataset contains data for NSW speed zones that are categorised as:

  • Ordinary Permanent
  • Shared
  • High Pedestrian
  • School
  • Variable
  • Local Traffic
  • Truck & bus
  • Wet Weather
  • School Bus
  • Toll Plaza
  • Default

Speed zones can also be visualised using the NSW Government Spatial Collaboration Portal:

Data and Resources

  • NSW Speed Zoning Guidelinesdata

    NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines, version 4, has now been released to provide the basis for consistent application of engineering principles to speed zoning in NSW.
    The document contains guidelines for use by contractors, councils and Roads and Maritime Services (replacing Roads and Traffic Authority) staff who are experienced in assessing speed zones. It provides extensive technical information needed to understand the principles of speed zoning and procedures in determining, reviewing and signposting of speed zones.


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  • School Zones datazip

    A subset of the Speed Zones data, this school zone data set provides the active school zone locations and shape profile of schools in NSW. The dataset can be used to graphically show the locations of these school zones.
    Additionally, each school zone has a set of attributes that describe when the school zones are active.


  • Historic Zone Line Layerzip

    Data available as Shape File format


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