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Toll Calculator API

The Toll Calculator API has been updated to Version 2 as of 16 June 2020 and provides developers a means of accessing the most up-to-date toll pricing for journeys undertaken across NSW roads.

Disclaimer: The results returned by the Toll Calculator API are estimates only. Transport for NSW (TfNSW) does not guarantee the accuracy of the results returned by the API. Please refer to the documentation for known limitations.

There are currently a number of tolled roads within the Sydney Metropolitan area. These tolls include the following road sections:

  • Eastern Distributor (Northbound only) - between Cahill Expressway, Woolloomooloo and Southern Cross Drive, Kensington
  • Hills M2 Motorway – between Lane Cove Tunnel and Westlink M7
  • Lane Cove Tunnel – between Hills M2 Motorway and M1 Gore Hill Freeway
  • Gore Hill Freeway – between Lane Cove Tunnel and Warringah Freeway
  • Warringah Freeway – between Gore Hill Freeway and Bradfield Highway
  • New M4 Motorway – between Church Street, Parramatta and Homebush Bay Drive, Homebush
  • Cross City Tunnel – between Darling Harbour and Rushcutters Bay
  • M5 South-West Motorway - between King Georges Highway, Beverly Hills and Westlink M7
  • Westlink M7 Motorway – between M2 Hills Motorway and M5 South Western Motorway
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge (Southbound only)
  • Sydney Harbour Tunnel (Southbound only)

Each of the above tolled roads has different pricing systems and structures based on vehicle type, time of day, distance travelled, flat rates, flag fall and caps. This means that the total cost of a journey undertaken on multiple toll roads can be quite difficult to calculate when taking into account all of these different factors. The Toll Calculator API looks to overcome this issue while at the same time simplifying the number of parameters required to calculate the final cost.

The toll rates can also be downloaded from the Toll Calculator Information dataset:

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