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Freight Data

These data sets contain freight forecast, performance and other statistics. The data includes:

  • Strategic Freight Forecasts - NSW freight commodity demand volume forecasts for the 40 year period between 2016 to 2056
  • Freight performance dashboard – Strategic Targets from NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023 including
    • Use of rail freight
    • Road safety
    • Rail freight access
    • Rail freight capability
    • Port Botany Efficiency

Detailed information for drivers and rationale used to produce NSW freight commodity demand volume forecasts can be found in the NSW Freight Commodity Demand Forecasts 2016-56 Report. A visualisation of the Strategic Freight Forecasts is available on the Transport for NSW Website under Freight data.

Additional information on above Strategic Targets is available in the NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023. Visualisations of the Strategic Targets are available on the Transport for NSW Website under Freight data.

Data and Resources

  • Freight Forecastxlsx

    Freight demand forecasts in kilo-tonnes by commodity across NSW with origin destination at Statistical Area 3 Level


  • SFM Data Dictionarydocx

    This document describes the data attributes available through the Strategic Freight Model dataset.


  • Use of Rail Freightxlsx

    Number of total containers that leave or arrive at Port Botany on rail.


  • Road Safetyxlsx

    Statistics relating to fatalities and serious injuries from crashes involving a heavy and light truck, including the monthly total and rolling 12 month average.


  • Rail Freight Accessxlsx

    Number of rail paths available for freight at four key locations within the Sydney Metropolitan Network on a weekday.


  • Rail Capabilityxlsx

    TAL capacity of the operational lines on the NSW rail network. Annual updates: 2019-2022


  • Port Botany Efficiencyxlsx

    This resource has been combined into Port Botany resource

    Operational measures for Port Botany:
    - Average Road Container Turnaround Time
    - Carrier Service Level
    - Stevedore Service Level
    - Rail Servicing Rate


  • Port Botanyxlsx

    Performance of various operational aspects within Port Botany as well as container throughput, vessel arrivals and load discharge ratios. Monthly data: January 2005 - February 2023.


  • Port Kemblaxlsx

    Imports and exports in tonnes at Port Kembla. Monthly data: January 2005 - January 2023


  • Port of Newcastlexlsx

    Imports and exports in tonnes at the Port of Newcastle as well as type of vessels using the port. Monthly data: January 2018 - February 2023.


  • Kingsford Smith Airportxlsx

    Import and export volumes at Kingsford Smith Airport and the breakdown in the key commodities. Monthly data: January 2005 - January 2023.


  • NSW Port Botany Load Discharge Ratio Statistics xlsx

    Monthly data: September 2019 - January 2022.
    As of February 2022 this data is included in the Port Botany resource. This resource will no longer be updated.


  • Empty Container Park Capacity and Utilisationxlsx

    Monthly (Aug 20 - July 21) utilisation of operational capacity at selected Empty Container Parks (ECPs) in Sydney. ECPs are where empty containers are stored to balance the export and import containers coming through Port Botany. This measure provides an overview on the stock of empty containers that are sitting within ECPs in Sydney. High levels of utilisation may indicate significant congestion and capacity constraints at ECPs in Sydney.


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