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via the DKAN API

TfNSW Trip Planning Widget

The official Transport for NSW trip planning widget is available to display on your own website. Your customers can plan their own trip and be directed to

To see this widget's Terms of Use please click here.

Data and Resources

  • Preview the TfNSW Trip Planning Widgethtml

    Help your customers plan their trip by adding the TfNSW Trip Planner Widget to your app or website.
    Your customers will be able to plan their public transport trip, including departure times, service and alert information and Opal fare estimates.


  • Trip Planner Widget codetxt

    Adding the widget to your website or app is easy, simply follow the two steps below:

    1) Copy the code for the widget from the .txt file.
    2) Paste the widget code into your own website and it should appear as the above.

    The Trip planner widget will be contained within an iframe on your web page. The code can be changed to allow you to display the widget in the size and orientation that best fits your requirements. Simply change the parameter value of the width and length in the iframe code. The default size for the widget is set to 410px by 410px. At sizes smaller than 310px horizontally or 400px vertically, the predictive text in the location fields has been disabled.

    Need help?

    In the first instance you should consult with your web developer who should be able to update the widget for you. If you still require further assistance you can consult other web developers via the Open Data forum at


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