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5 Ways To Request More Data

The Open Data and Innovation Team is always seeking to release more data and one of our main objectives is to follow the policy for open data and publish data where possible. However, if you’re still on the hunt for something that you need or researching then you can make a request and we’ll do our best to track down and prioritise the release of the data. You may request data via one of the methods below.


1. Through the Open Data Forum

The best way to request data is through our forum so that other developers can also see your request and possibly join in on the discussion. Just head to, register an account and create a new thread using the ‘Request for data’ category.


2. Using our New Data Request Form

We have created a new form on the Open Data Hub to assist you in submitting a data request. Visit, fill in the details and submit the form. The extra details will allow us to hunt down the data you need more quickly. The more detailed your submission is, the easier it will be for us to understand and seek out the data.


3. Via Twitter

You can contact us on Twitter by direct message and request data. By following us on Twitter, you'll be at the head of the queue to find out about new data sets, upcoming events like innovation challenges - and all things Transport for NSW Open Data. Follow us on Twitter.


4. By Emailing Us

You can also request data by emailing us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


5. Transport Performance and Analytics Request Form

Transport Performance and Analytics (TPA) produce and own a lot of the datasets we have on the Open Data Hub. If you have a request for data that is managed by TPA then you can use the form on their website to submit a data request. Go to, fill in the details and submit the form.


Contact us, get the data you need and develop the next great transport app!