Historical car park data for selected Park&Ride and Metro station car parks is now available. Get it here.

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Open Data Hub

The Open Data Hub is the central location for all Transport for NSW open data. The Open Data Hub was established in April 2016 at the Future Transport summit and replaced the Transport Data Exchange (TDX) Program. In the Data Catalogue you can access all of our available APIs and downloadable datasets. You can view or post in the Open Data Forum to connect with TfNSW staff and other users, or visit the Product Showcase to see how TfNSW data has been used to benefit our customers.

The Open Data Hub now hosts more than 100 datasets that contain over 300 resources (APIs, files and other documents). Since the launch of the Hub in April 2016 we have had more than 27,500 users register to use the portal and more than 4.8 billion unique API hits!

Open Data Forum

Through the Open Data Forum you can seek advice from our community of developers and TfNSW staff who are on hand to help. You can ask questions, discuss ideas, request data and even brag about your latest creation!

Future Transport

The Future Transport program seeks innovative ideas to uncover technology that improves TfNSW services and operations. Since its launch in April 2016, the program has held various events and challenges including the Future Transport Summit, Learner Driver Log Book Challenge and the Beacon Innovation Challenge.

There are various ways you can be involved with Future Transport, such as regular Pitch Fests and upcoming challenges. Find out more about how you can be involved with Future Transport here.

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