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Here you will find documentation about the Transport for NSW APIs and datasets.

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and GTFS-Realtime (GTFS-R)


- Public Transport - Timetables - Complete - GTFS
- Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime
- Public Transport - Realtime - Alerts
- Public Transport - Realtime - Trip Updates
- Public Transport - Realtime - Vehicle Positions




Light Rail

Reference Tables

TransXChange (TXC)


- Public Transport - Timetables - Complete - TransXChange

  • TransXChange is an implementation of the Transmodel open standard for public transport information. Further information is available at naptan.dft.gov.uk/transxchange
  • The information provided in TXC format includes route, timetable and stop/station/wharf information. Please review the TXC Release Notes

Location Facilities, Transport Operator, Loading Zone, Off-street Parking


- Roads - Static - Loading Zones - Kerbside
- Roads - Static - Parking - Off-Street
- Public Transport - Facilities & Operators

  • Please refer to the Data Dictionary for the Location Facilities, Transport Operator, Loading Zone, Off-street Parking datasets

Roads Real-time Data and Live Traffic


- Roads - Realtime
- Roads - Realtime - Cameras
- Roads - Realtime - Hazards
- Roads - Realtime - Site Status

Support for the Live Traffic data is provided on a best efforts basis. Please forward feedback and information on how you use the Live Traffic data to livetraffic@tmc.transport.nsw.gov.au

Trip Planning


- Trip Planner APIs


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