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Endorsed apps have come through Innovation Challenges held by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and are managed by the Open Data and Innovation team. Innovation Challenges have various focuses to meet TfNSW's overall strategy and to solve real transport problems.
Below is our suite of endorsed apps. 

AnyTrip logo


By Jxeeno Pty Ltd

AnyTrip lets you track public transport vehicles around you in real-time using a live map. It will also show you upcoming departures from your favourite stops and stations.

CamperMate logo


By TripTech

CamperMate is a free camping and travel app packed with camping and RV-specific information to help you find everything they need while on the road in Australia and New Zealand.

Citymapper logo


By Citymapper Limited

Citymapper is a multimodal trip planning app, making cities easier to use. The app allows for checking of nearby departures in real-time and has the ability to find the fastest route.

Deckee logo


By Deckee

Deckee is a social app that helps boaters explore the waterways safely, share fishing and anchorage reports, find local marine services and much more.

EasyDrop logo


Developed by OzPoint.

EasyDrop is an interactive app for commercial delivery drivers. The app helps drivers manage their daily delivery schedule, find the fastest route and provides up to date traffic conditions

Gourmakers logo


By Gourmakers

Gourmakers will help you find the best gourmet venues to visit on your next Australian road trip with a route that includes Australia’s best beverage producers and gourmet food venues.

Licence Ready logo

Licence Ready

By Licence Ready

With digital driving instruction, personalised training and NSW log book, this is a fantastic app for learner drivers. Download across devices and utilise with multiple supervisors for flexible learning.

L2P logo


By L2P

L2P is your new bestie in smart driving for success. A digital log book that helps you learn to drive like a pro even faster. Join the digital network that links learner drivers, supervisors and pro driving instructors. Motivate yourself with the digital countdown.

Momego logo


By Momego

Momego provides live bus and train times, step-by-step navigation, real-time occupancy and stop announcements in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and five other languages.

Moovit logo


By Moovit

Moovit combines real-time data from Transport for NSW with live information from the user community. It will give you the fastest route, announce stops along the way and alert you when your stop is approaching.

Next Station logo

Next Station

By Xiaodan Zhang

Next Station provides trip planning and timetables, real-time vehicle position and service alerts in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese covering Sydney’s public transport network, NSW TrainLink and NSW regional buses.

NextThere logo


By AppJourney Pty Ltd

NextThere displays when the next public transport services are due to depart from where you currently are. It can show you which services will get you to your chosen destination most efficiently.

Roundtrip logo


By Eat More Pixels

Roundtrip is an app for NSW Learner Drivers that makes it super easy to record supervised driving practice. Tap the record button, enter your odometer and you’re off!

Stop Announcer logo

Stop Announcer

By picoSpace PTY LTD

Stop Announcer (NSW) is designed to help customers with vision impairment navigate their way on public transport. It has a clear, high-contrast display and uses GPS to track your device’s location and announce stops along your route.

Transit logo


Developed by TransitApp, Inc.

Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Navigate your city’s transport system with accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders... all presented in a clear, bold interface.

Trip Go logo


Developed by SkedGo

TripGo allows users to compare public and private transport options. It provides information including estimated costs , fastest modes and routes based on real-time data. Users can manually search for trip options, or TripGo can use their calendar to provide options automatically.

Triptastic logo


By AppJourney Pty Ltd

Triptastic provides beautiful timetables, maps and real-time tracking for public transport in Australia, New Zealand and North America.

TripView logo


By TripView Pty Ltd

TripView creates trip plans for metro, train, bus, ferry, light rail and coach services. Plan your trip based on stations, stops and wharves. For bus travel, you can search by route, suburb or stop. It will list all timetabled services with real-time data.