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Open Data Hub Platform Replacement

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Open Data Hub provides consistent and reliable access to data for users, a new platform has been implemented to replace the current platform which is reaching end of life support.

Why the Open Data Hub is being replaced

The Open Data Hub is built on an open-source DKAN platform which is reaching end of life and will no longer be supported. To ensure the Open Data Hub maintains peak operating performance, the DKAN platform has been replaced by a CKAN platform.  

What the platform replacement means for our Open Data Community 

The platform replacement delivers like for like features and functionality but with a few subtle changes to how the platform looks.  

The first time you log in to the platform following the upgrade, you will be required to reset your password. To do this simply click ‘Log in’ and follow the prompts after clicking "Forgot your password?". 

If you are an API user, please be aware that your existing API keys will be migrated to the new platform, however you will need to save you API access keys in a secure location as you will not be able to see your API access keys in the new platform. This will not impact any existing API connections or ability to create new keys, only your ability to see access keys that are in use on the current platform.  

Impact for Data Supplier, App Developer and TfNSW System Integrations 

If you are a Data Supplier, an App Developer, or manage a TfNSW System integrating with Open Data, we would like to ensure you are fully aware of any potential impact the platform upgrade may have on your connections to the Transport Open Data Platform. Please view the information pack below for more details. 

Open Data Platform Replacement Information Pack.pdf

Where to find further information 

For further information refer to our FAQs.

For your convenience, further updates on the Platform replacement will be posted here. We suggest you check this page at regular intervals for further updates. 

For any questions regarding the Open Data platform replacement, please contact