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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials for various actions around the Open Data Hub and Open Data Forum can be found on the Video Tutorials page

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Data Specification

To enable and build the MaaS ecosystem in NSW, TfNSW has developed a data specification for the sharing of planned and realtime information, including capacity information. It is enabled through the sharing of General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), General Transit Feed Specification Realtime (GTFS  Realtime), General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS), and realtime vehicle information with TfNSW. The data specification also encouraged the sharing of historical data for analysis and future planning purposes. The data will give TfNSW an overview and understanding of the broader transport network and customers’ preference for selecting the best options for their trips.

This data sharing specification is for transport operators in the MaaS ecosystem. We encourage transport providers to use this specification when sharing data with TfNSW.

View and download the TfNSW MaaS Data Sharing Specification.

Transport Network Colour Chart

Sydney Metro

           M LINE - CMYK 100/22/42/2 | RGB 22/131/136 | HEX #168388 | PMS 321

Sydney Trains

           T1 LINE - CMYK 0/45/100/0 | RGB 249/157/28 | HEX #F99D1C | PMS 137C | VINYL AVERY 91589A MELON YELLOW

           T2 LINE - CMYK 100/17/9/0 | RGB 0/152/205 | HEX #0098CD | PMS 801C

           T3 LINECMYK 0/70/100/0 | RGB 243/112/33 | HEX #F37021 | PMS 158C 

           T4 LINECMYK 100/69/4/1 | RGB 0/90/163 | HEX #005AA3 | PMS 2935C | VINYL AVERY 841 SCUBA BLUE

           T5 LINECMYK 21/97/0/0 | RGB 196/37/143 | HEX #C4258F | PMS 2395C | VINYL AVERY 978 * LIGHT PURPLE

           T7 LINECMYK 56/37/31/13 | RGB 111/129/142 | HEX #6F818E | PMS 7544C

           T8 LINECMYK 98/12/100/2 | RGB 0/149/76 | HEX #00954C | PMS 355C

           T9 LINECMYK 11/100/91/3 | RGB 209/31/47 | HEX #D11F2F | PMS 186C

Intercity Trains

           BLUE MOUNTAINSCMYK 0/45/100/0 | RGB 249/157/28 | HEX #F99D1C | PMS 137C

           CENTRAL COAST & NEWCASTLECMYK 11/100/91/3 | RGB 209/31/47 | HEX #D11F2F | PMS 186C

           HUNTERCMYK 31/87/73/33 | RGB 131/49/52 | HEX #833134 | PMS 491C

           SOUTH COASTCMYK 100/69/4/1 | RGB 0/90/163 | HEX #005AA3 | PMS 2935C

           SOUTHERN HIGHLANDSCMYK 98/12/100/2 | RGB 0/149/76 | HEX #00954C | PMS 355C

Regional Trains and Coaches Network

           TRAINS - CMYK 0/56/100/0 | RGB 246/137/31 | HEX #F6891F | PMS 151C

           COACHESCMYK 98/100/0/0 | RGB 115/42/130 | HEX #732A82 | PMS 7657C

Sydney Ferries

           F1 MANLYCMYK 100/27/89/16 | RGB 0/119/75 | HEX #00774B | PMS 3415C

           F2 TARONGA ZOOCMYK 86/45/79/49 | RGB 20/71/52 | HEX #144734 | PMS 3435C

           F3 PARRAMATTA RIVERCMYK 66/26/92/9 | RGB 100/140/60 | HEX #648C3C | PMS 375C

           F4 PYRMONT BAY - CMYK 30/0/100/0 | RGB 191/215/48 | HEX #BFD730

           F5 NEUTRAL BAYCMYK 83/38/82/31 | RGB 40/97/66 | HEX #286142 | PMS 7734C

           F6 MOSMAN BAYCMYK 90/0/97/0 | RGB 0/171/81 | HEX #00AB51 | PMS 7481C

           F7 DOUBLE BAYCMYK 83/0/63/0 | RGB 0/177/137 | HEX #00B189 | PMS 339C

           F8 COCKATOO ISLANDCMYK 64/42/100/31 | RGB 85/98/43 | HEX #55622B | PMS 371C

           F9 WATSONS BAY - CMYK 65/0/100/0 | RGB 101/179/46 | HEX #65B32E

           F10 BLACKWATTLE BAY* - CMYK 68/0/100/0 | RGB 90/176/49 | HEX #5AB031 | PMS 361C
*Note that the F10 colour spec is subject to change. 

Newcastle Ferries

           STKN Stockton - CMYK 68/0/100/0 | RGB 90/176/49 | HEX #5AB031 | PMS 361C

Sydney Light Rail

           L1 DULWICH HILL LINECMYK 15/100/90/10 | RGB 190/22/34 | HEX #BE1622 | PMS 200C

           L2 RANDWICK LINECMYK 5/100/100/2 | RGB 221/30/37 | HEX #DD1E25 | PMS 185C

           L3 KINGSFORD LINECMYK 36/100/50/36 | RGB 120/17/64 | HEX #781140 | PMS 216C

           NLR NEWCASTLE LIGHT RAIL - CMYK 0/93/79/0 | RGB 238/52/63 | HEX #EE343F | PMS 185C


Transport Network Maps

Find all the latest Network Maps on our Data Catalogue. The maps are in pdf format.

Sydney Intercity and City Statistics and Diagrams 

View information on Sydney's diverse rail network of trains on the Transport Info website.

Marketing Resources

TfNSW encourages the use of transport data to produce innovative products and outcomes for our customers. To make identification of public transport easier for our mutual customers, TfNSW provides developers with official brand elements.


While TfNSW provides data to developers, this should not be seen as endorsement of a product. Developers should never imply or state that their product or company is endorsed or sponsored by TfNSW or any of its agencies unless they have written consent from TfNSW. When using TfNSW brand elements, please follow the below guidelines:

  • Do not modify brand elements in any way, including changing colours or format 
  • The use of any logo should be done only to attribute the data. Do not brand your product in such a way that states or implies it is owned or sponsored by TfNSW or any of its agencies
  • Ensure you understand which brand element is appropriate for your use. If you are unsure seek clarity from


TfNSW Logo

As a consumer of transport data, and as a condition of the Creative Commons Attribution Licence, it is appropriate that you attribute data you use to TfNSW.

When using public transport data, please use the Transport logo to attribute the data to TfNSW. This is the customer-facing brand of public transport, including metro, trains, buses, ferries and light rail.




Logo reversed using modal colours

Mode Symbols and Pictograms

TfNSW mode symbols are used to help customers easily identify metro stations, train stations, bus stops, light rail stops and ferry wharves on the public transport network. These are copyrighted by TfNSW, but you may use them to identify TfNSW public transport stations, stops and wharves in your app or on your website.

These mode symbols are used to identify stations, stops and wharves owned and operated by TfNSW only. Do not use the mode symbols to indicate stations, stops and wharves not used by TfNSW services.

Pictograms can be used to represent public and private transport modes in NSW. They should only be used at a small and secondary scale. The included pictograms are copyrighted by TfNSW.

If you require official versions of any logos, mode symbols, pictograms or icons for your app, please have a look at the following dataset - Transport Mode Symbols and Pictograms

Trip Planner Widget

You may add the TfNSW Trip Planner to your website. 


Below is the official colour palette for TfNSW assets. We encourage the use of these in your apps.

TfNSW modal colour paletteBelow is a guide for colour use for accessible digital content.WCAG 2.0 AA compliance table

Maritime Icons

AlcoholBoating Over 65Cold WaterGood JudgementLifeJackets
PaddlingProper LookoutPWCSpeedTowing

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