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Which digital learner driver log book app is best for you?

If you’re a learner driver, you can now choose from 3 great digital log book apps that can completely replace your paper log book! These apps are officially endorsed by Transport for NSW, and come with many handy features to help you get the most out of your learning experience. 

In this blog post we will run through each of these apps - L2P, License Ready and Roundtrip - and their main features, to help you decide which paper log book alternative is right for you.


The L2P app is available for iOS and Android, which you and your driving supervisor will both need to download (it’s free!). With L2P you can automatically record driving sessions with one or more supervisors or driving instructors.

You can also add more than one vehicle, for a seamless experience whether it’s mum or dad taking you out on the road. Your progress towards your learning goals will be automatically calculated, as will bonus hours from licensed driving instructors and the Safer Drivers course. 

All progress towards meeting the requirements to progress to your P1 license will be saved by the L2P app, so you can easily restore your account if your phone is lost or broken. 

Once you’ve hit your 120 hours (congrats!), L2P will help you easily submit your completed hours to Service NSW and Transport for NSW! To read more and download, head to the L2P website now.

Licence Ready

The Licence Ready app is available for free on iOS, Android and Desktop so you do not need a smartphone to use it. License Ready also gives you the option for social sign-in if you’d prefer to link it to a social media account rather than an email address and yet another password. 

Before you set out on your drive, open the Licence Ready app and start the in-app odometer. Once your drive is done, simply select the weather and traffic conditions you encountered and sign-off, and your drive has been logged!

Licence Ready allows you to filter through your past drives, and check off your progress on learning goals as you move through your 120 hours. You can add multiple supervisors and/or driving instructors, with bonus hours automatically recorded in the app. 

Driving supervisors and parents can also download the app and access a huge number of resources to help their learner driver. 

If you’d like to step up your learning game, Licence Ready offers a PRO version, which enables you to learn manoeuvres and traffic rules on your computer at home before you set out on the road. You can also plan drives in advance and draw your own practice routes, or download premade routes!

If Licence Ready sounds like the app for you, you can find out more and sign up on the Licence Ready website


Our third and final app, Roundtrip, is available for free on iOS and Android devices and only needs to be downloaded by you, the learner driver. Your driving supervisors and instructors can sign-off on drives right in your app!

Roundtrip automatically records your practice drives, and provides a  summary of your progress on all your submission requirements, including hours of night driving and learning goals, to help you keep your eye on the prize. 

Roundtrip will save your data and sync over multiple devices, so you can add your Roundtrip account to as many devices as you need to. It also automatically detects the weather so you don’t need to manually add it in!

Running low on mobile data? No problem. Roundtrip does not need to use mobile data during your drives and works offline.

Roundtrip is also compatible with Siri shortcuts, so you can set up a voice command to start recording a new drive! You can read more about RoundTrip and download now from the Roundtrip website

All three of the Transport for NSW endorsed learner driver log book apps we have looked at today are free to download and use, and will allow you to digitally submit your completed digital learner driver log book to Service NSW and Transport for NSW. 

Roundtrip, L2P and Licence Ready all enable you to transfer your paper log book hours over to your chosen app. This means that even if you have started learning to drive with a traditional paper book, it’s not too late to choose one of these three great apps and make the switch today!

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