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Congratulations to Spot Parking and UbiPark!

After careful consideration, these apps were chosen to progress to incubation and trials. Trials of the Spot Parking solution will be conducted for an initial period of 12 months and UbiPark’s new features will be available in the app on an ongoing basis.

Spot Parking

Spot Parking takes complex real-world kerbside information such as road rules and parking restrictions and creates structured data sets and digital tools that can be used for a variety of smart cities applications and innovations such as parking apps.

For the Parking Innovation Challenge, Spot mapped the kerbside in the Manly Ward of the Northern Beaches LGA in Sydney and created a comprehensive data set that will be shared as open data for the duration of the 12 month trial. During this time the public including local authorities, developers and residents can use the data for research, developing digital products and even to find a park when planning a trip to Manly. 

If you’re a developer and want to access the Spot Parking data set including their APIs please visit the Spot Parking APIs page. Read our interview with Spot Parking CEO Elizabeth Zealand on the Open Data Blog. 

For non-technical users you can see a visualisation of the data using the Northern Beaches Council Parking Finder website


The free UbiPark app enables drivers to search, navigate, and find parking in their current location or at their end destination complete with pricing information. 

Looking at a sign with multiple zones and timings? Use the handy camera scanning feature to decipher confusing parking signs - simply hold your camera up to the sign and UbiPark will let you know whether you can park there, how long you can park for, and how much it will cost you! This new feature is available for users in the Chatswood CBD within the Willoughby LGA.

Download UbiPark on iOS and Android. Read our interview with Mosstyn Howell, CEO of UbiPark, on the Open Data Blog. 

Proof of Concept: Park Here Mate

A special mention goes to ParkHereMate developed by Gaia Resources. The mobile app concept developed through the Parking Innovation Challenge provides timely audio and visual notifications, with guidance based on the users GPS location and proximity to the closest parking zone in the direction of travel. The concept includes a trip planning option to specify desired destination and time of arrival, and provide the relevant parking guidance. 

ParkHereMate is a great example of an innovative use of on street parking data available via the Transport for NSW Open Data Hub. Read our interview with the CEO of Gaia Resources, Piers Higgs, on the Open Data Blog

Note: This proof of concept will not be available for public use.

About the Challenge

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) challenged innovators to improve the customer experience related to parking. Drivers are regularly confused at the kerbside with multiple parking rule changes over the course of the same day or week for a single parking space. Physical signage can be cluttered and confusing and lead to parking infringements.

TfNSW ran this Innovation Challenge to promote the development of innovative digital solutions for parking sign confusion whilst maintaining driver and pedestrian safety and compliance with regulation, without having to alter the physical infrastructure on the street.

TfNSW made some on-street parking data available for this challenge, including for the Waverley Council Local Government Area which can be found here

Challenge Statements

Innovation Challenge Timeline

Key Challenge Dates
Registrations for Information Session opened on Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 12pm AEST  
Information Session was held on Wednesday 20th May 2020 at 2pm AEST  
Applications Closed on Wednesday 3 June 2020 at 11:59pm
Pitch Day Event was held on Wednesday 17 June 2020 

Information Session Presentation - Parking Innovation Challenge PDF, 20 May 2020
Information Session Q&A - the FAQs & Criteria have also been published

Full recording of the information session