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Judging Criteria

  1. Customer Experience and Usability - is the solution appealing, effortless, intuitive and easy to use?
  2. Market Feasibility - How well do you understand the customer, what benefits they will derive from the solution and how likely they are to use it?
  3. Innovation - Is the product unique and original, and does it demonstrate tangible technical innovations?
  4. Technical Feasibility - Can the team deliver the solution? Can they demonstrate an understanding of technical inputs to solution development and ensure ongoing technical stability? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from the community

Can you confirm if you are looking for a product or just a demo? 
We’re looking for something that is as close as possible to market ready. If you have something very cutting edge and innovative please make a submission, but you will be scored higher for something that is market ready. 

Can the demo be based on mock data or is it a requirement to be using actual data from Open Data? 
It can use mock data – you don’t need to use open data (or our open data) specifically. What we want to see is a true interaction with the physical world – something that works where customers would use it in real life. Any open data or physical data point such as geolocation or infrastructure on the street is okay.

What defines a successful demo submission? 
There is a difference between the submission and the demo. For a successful submission, you need to fill in all the questions on the entry form and submit prior to entries closing on Wed 5 May 2021 at 11:59pm. The demo itself is getting along to demo day and spending an hour or two with our team to successfully show that you have a product that works and you can deliver what you have put forward in your submission and pitch - tangibly being able to use the technology that was pitched on the day.

What format are submissions expected to be in? 
The submission form is a handful of free text fields. You will also have a chance to rpvodie a link to extra content - videos, a pitch deck, anything you’d like to provide as part of your submission. 

Will any TfNSW data be available to help develop ideas? 
Feel free to use all the data currently available on the Open Data Hub. We have a vast array of data for public transport across roads and maritime, static and real time data. Nothing is set to be released specifically for this challenge.

Can the demo be a new component of an existing application? 
Yes, absolutely. If you have a user base and/or an existing product that’s great, if you are adding new functionality we’d love to see it – we want to see anything valuable to our customers that uses augmented reality.

How many submissions will be selected for a demo? Is there a capped number? 
A maximum of 6 teams will be progressed through to demo day. There is no limit on how many submissions will be invited to pitch day. 

Can submissions be from a consortium of technologists? 
Yes, absolutely. We are happy to see submissions from individuals or groups. You can use the Open Data Forum to seek out potential collaborations. 

If we provide a successful demo, would we also be involved taking the project forward beyond that? What happens after demo day? 
After a successful demonstration, there may be some opportunities, but we make no commitment to progress anything past demo day. It is only the funding we have already announced - 15k per solution. 

What is the selection criteria for submissions? 
Please view the judging criteria at the top of this page. 

The challenge states Customer focused. Is this specifically ruling out internal/b2b uses? 
No. We’re viewing the ‘customer’ broadly. If your customer is someone in maintenance or an internal team or an operator or something like that, that’s fine. Ensure you make that clear in your submission - who is the customer and why would that customer use the product/find it appealing?

After the demo, where does the IP reside? 
The IP is always yours. The demo is to inform us what is possible from your solution moving forward. 

Can multiple submissions be made? i.e. in different AR realms 
Absolutely. The same person or group can submit multiple ideas, however please ensure they are made as separate submissions. It is very unlikely that we would choose two submissions from the same organisation.

Can the proposed AR solution rely on any TfNSW-owned data sets that may not yet be public or available on the Open Data Hub? 
No, there is no additional data being made available for this challenge. Everything you submit will need to use existing open data, and comply with existing road rules and regulations. If your AR solution relies on data you know exists somewhere, mock data is fine with an added note about assumptions around provision of that data. You can mock up data you may not actually have. 

Are you still eligible to enter if based outside of NSW? 
We welcome submissions from anyone in the world, however we do expect physical attendance for demo day in Sydney. Pitch day will be virtual.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Innovation Challenge? 
Transport for NSW (TfNSW) runs Innovation Challenges to support third party entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovators in creating solutions to solve our customers’ most pressing problems. Additionally Innovation Challenges allow TfNSW to explore emerging technologies and help the Open Data community better take advantage of the free resources available on the Open Data Hub. 

Why is the challenge being run? 
TfNSW is looking to explore applications of Augmented Reality to understand what is possible with the technology and inform future decision making.

What is being offered as part of the challenge?  
TfNSW is offering innovators an opportunity to demonstrate their Augmented Reality technology solution to improve the customer experience for transport users and customers.  

Benefits for successful Innovation Challenge teams includes options for seed funding, access to subject matter experts, data, APIs and the opportunity to demonstrate working solutions to various stakeholders within the Transport for NSW cluster. Details about the benefits of the Innovation Challenge will be provided at the Information Session.

How will the Innovation Challenge work? 
An information session was held on Wednesday 21 April 2021 at 2:00PM AEST. This session was designed for interested parties to ask questions and get information before applications are due.

Applications opened on Wednesday 21 April 2021 at 2:00PM AEST and closed on Wed 5 May 2021 at 11:59PM AEST.

Potential applicants will have the opportunity to ask questions to TfNSW subject matter experts at the information session to help develop their submission. Once applications close, they are assessed and ranked by an Evaluation Panel. 

Teams will be selected to progress to the next stage of the Challenge where they will be invited to pitch their ideas to the judging panel as part of the Pitch Day. Successful teams will be invited to give a product demonstration at the Demo Day. 

Teams selected for Demo Day may receive funding and access to subject matter experts to help develop their solution.

Who can participate in the Innovation Challenge? 
We welcome all submissions that meet the challenge statement(s). It is expected that teams are incorporated and are able to engage in legal and/or commercial terms with TfNSW.

Employees and the immediate families of employees of the Transport for NSW cluster - including Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, Sydney Trains and NSW Trains - are not eligible to enter the Innovation Challenge competition.

What criteria will the judging be based on?  
More information about the judging criteria and format of the challenge will be provided at the information session. Details will also be published from Wednesday 21 April 2021 on the official Innovation Challenge website through which submission will be made. 

Generally, Transport for NSW endorsed products are required to meet Endorsement Criteria, including factors such as:

  1. Customer Experience and Usability - is the solution appealing, effortless, intuitive and easy to use?

  2. Market Feasibility - Does the solution demonstrate knowledge of Transport’s customer base and will it be available to most people?

  3. Innovation - Is the product unique and original, and does it demonstrate tangible technical innovations?

  4. Commercial Sustainability - Can the idea sustain its commercial momentum? Is it likely to be profitable in the long term?

  5. Technical Feasibility - Can the team deliver the solution? Can they demonstrate an understanding of technical inputs to solution development and ensure ongoing technical stability?

When does the product have to be launched? 
Please note when entering the challenge, should you progress through to incubation, you must be able to produce a market-ready product by Wednesday 23 June 2021.

When do applications open? 
The Augmented Reality Innovation Challenge opened at 2:00PM AEST on Wednesday 21 April 2021.

When do applications close? 
Applications closed at 11:59PM on Wednesday 5 May 2021.

I have questions about the challenge. Who can I contact to ask more questions? 
Come to the Information Session and ask any questions to the Open Data Team and subject matter experts (SMEs). You can also ask on the Open Data Forum - there is a thread dedicated to the Augmented Reality Innovation Challenge or email us at

Where do I apply?  
Applications will be open on the official Innovation Challenge website  Please ensure you register and attend the information session or subscribe with your email address to be advised of key events and news about the challenge.

What is the best way to connect and stay up to date? 
Announcements via Twitter: @DataTfNSW | #ARChallenge 
Add your email to our contact list: 
Join the developer forum: 
Technical issues:

What other opportunities are there to engage with Transport for NSW? 
Transport for NSW regularly runs Hackathons and Innovation Challenges. For information about when these might be occurring please visit the innovation section of the Open Data Hub. 

Is there a process for approaching partners that might complement our skills?  
In the past, we have held collaboration sessions for these kinds of events, however with the current environment it’s going to be a real challenge for us to do that. We haven’t planned anything along those lines for this challenge. We do encourage you to partner with others if you wish, but we do not have the ability to facilitate and in person networking gathering at this time, due to physical distancing restrictions.

Is the product for all of NSW or a particular area? 
You can choose your area of focus for the solution. 

What happens to the IP which has been developed during the innovation challenge – is it for TfNSW? 
With all third party products developed through Innovation Challenges, they are the IP of the original proponents. We will provide guidance and co-design feedback, but the IP is owned and run by you.

Is there a guarantee of a contract with TfNSW if the successful organisation/consortium wins the innovation challenge? 
No. As part of the submission, there is a question about how you’re going to make it commercially sustainable. If we are to be the customer, you need to make that very clear and that will be taken into account. With all our products, we’d prefer not to be the customer, because we don’t want your reliance on us. We want an innovative product that will support you commercially, as well as our needs and our customers’ needs, so it’s a win-win-win.

Are there any restrictions on who can enter? 
International participants are welcome to apply. Pitch Day will be via video conferencing so you can participate. If you are a TfNSW employee or associated with one of the councils too closely, we are unlikely to be able to do anything with you too closely. We would not be able to endorse the product or provide seed funding. Please reach out to our team if you wish to discuss that. 

How many solutions will be accepted?  
We haven’t determined that yet. We’re open to more than one, and are not going to put a particular restriction on that.

How many applicants will be shortlisted to the pitch day? 
There is no limit. We usually have up to 10, however if we have many great ideas we will listen to all of them.

Are there TfNSW digital guidelines available for UX/UI usability? 
There are guidelines around Digital NSW. There are those sorts of guidelines but we as TfNSW do not have anything specific. Accessibility standards such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) should be considered.

Which NSW Government laws and regulations should we consider when building our solutions?  
When developing technology for transport customers it is important to ensure the solution is safe, legal and complies with relevant regulations. Read more on the official NSW Gov Road Rules legislation and more on safety and road rules on NSW roads

What is Augmented Reality? 
Digital Technology. Abbreviated as AR is an enhanced image or environment as viewed on a screen or other display, produced by overlaying computer-generated images, sounds, or other data on a real-world environment. Also a system or technology used to produce such an enhanced environment: With augmented reality, tourists can see signs and other written words translated into English just by using their smartphone camera and this app. 

Which AR platforms can we use? 
Applicants are free to submit ideas using any available AR platform including but not limited to Android, iOS, Hololens, Snap, Vuzix, Solos, Everysight etc.

How will the Demo Day work? 
Teams that are successful at the pitch day will be invited to participate in the Demo Day where they will be given a 2 hour window to give a hands-on demonstration of their solution. Prior to the Demo Day participants will work with TfNSW staff to coordinate the optimal scenario for their demonstration.